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Introduction to Fields

The Buzzy Framework gives developers a standard pattern to build and deploy the code of an application. The framework acts as a structure that keeps code simple and consistent. Essential to this framework are Microapps and their field types.

Fields have a Name and optional Help Text that is displayed beneath the field.

Field permissions grant access rights to classes of users. The following classes can interact with the field:

  • Owners & Authors Only
  • Owners & Authors & Creators Only
  • All Participants
  • Anyone

The field visibility in the summary table can be enabled or disabled. When displaying on a mobile device, thought should be given to which fields need to be visible in the summary list.

Field validation can be customized using JSONata. For more information see Formula language

A Display Rule provides a mechanism to dynamically alter the visibility of a field. Displaying a field based on the values of other fields provides more information for using this capability.