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Logging users into your app

Buzzy supports a wide range of logging in and onboarding scenarios.

Login Action Types

Email direct login link (Passwordless Login) Email the user a link that will log them in. Use this option to enable passwordless login to your app.

Login with email and password Submits the credentials (email and password) for authentication. If successful, navigate to a specified screen.

Create password Creates a new password for a user. Used when an account was created by an admin or when the user was passwordless and now upgrades to a password account.

Change password Change the user’s password; requires the correct current password and a new password.

Email reset password link Email the user a link to reset their password. Your app must have a Reset Password Screen defined. To define a Reset Password Screen, go to the Settings page and enter the name of your Reset Password Screen into the corresponding field. Please note, this action requires you to define a Confirmation Screen. A Confirmation Screen is the screen that the app navigates to while waiting for the user to complete an out-of-app action (e.g. clicking a link sent on email or sms). A confirmation Screen should let the user know that the action was performed (e.g. the email or sms was sent) and that they need to complete the action as instructed.

Create account (with email verification) Creates an account with an email and a password, then email the user a link to verify their email address.

Invite user Sends a user’s email an invitation link that allows them to create an account.

Reset password After a user clicks the Reset Password Link sent on email, this action is used to change their password and log them in.

Demo login (e.g for App Store approval) Use this for providing access to Apple or Google app store reviewers to bypass the need to receive an email.

Logout Logs the user out of all sessions (web, mobile, and testing (for developers))