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Buzzy for Figma

Design, test and deploy working apps with real data, user-generated content and live forms without leaving Figma.

Get the Buzzy Figma plugin Getting started

How it works

Get a live web app you can edit and update directly from Figma. Colour changes? No problem. Add a new section? Done. Conduct user tests with real data and working forms? Easy.

  • Install the Buzzy Figma plugin
  • Connect to Buzzy with the plugin
  • Mark up your design in Figma
  • Publish
  • Made changes in Figma? Simply re-publish



This site section deals with the Buzzy Figma plugin and the ‘new’ Buzzy for Figma platform - we’ll add documentation here over time. The remainder of this documentation site was developed for the traditional (enterprise) Buzzy platform, but some of it (for instance microapps, fields, formulas and more) apply to the new Buzzy Figma apps as well.