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Python Access Microapp

The Python programming language is often used in data science applications. This short example illustrates how to query a Buzzy Microapp from Python.

This example uses two Python libraries requests and json.

The flow of the code follows the microappdata tutorial:

  • login into buzzy with your credentials
  • query all of the microApp rows and print them
import requests
import json

credentials = { 

loginResponse ="",data=credentials)
print('Log into Buzzy Server Status',loginResponse.status_code)

if (loginResponse.status_code == 200): 
    print('Log into Buzzy Server Response\n',loginResponse.text)
    rtext = json.loads(loginResponse.text)
    rdata = rtext["data"]
    authToken = rdata["authToken"]
    userId = rdata["userId"]
    print('authToken:', authToken)
    print('userId:', userId)

    headers = {'X-Auth-Token': authToken, 'X-User-Id' : userId }
    mID = {"microAppID" : "insert microapp id here"}

    appResponse ="",headers=headers,data=mID)
    rtext = json.loads(appResponse.text)
    body = rtext["body"]
    microAppRows = body["microAppRows"]

    for row in microAppRows: