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Logging in to the Buzzy app with a password

If you’re having trouble logging in to the Buzzy mobile app with the passwordless login tokens, you can use your email address and password.

Table of contents

  1. Creating a password
  2. Log in with email and password in the Buzzy app

Creating a password

If you’ve forgotten your password, or never created a password (for instance if you always signed in using your Facebook credentials):

  • On a desktop machine*, go to in a browser
  • Enter the email address you used for your Buzzy account and click the ‘Reset Password’ button
  • Still on the desktop machine, check your email
  • Click the ‘reset’ link in the email
  • In the web page that opens, enter a new password and click the ‘reset’ button

* NOTE: Using a browser on a computer rather than your device is recommended, since some device email clients have trouble with email login tokens and password reset links - which may be why you’re having trouble in the first place.

Log in with email and password in the Buzzy app

  • In the Buzzy app on your device, click the ‘Login with password’ option on the first login screen
  • Enter your email address and password and tap the ‘Login’ button