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Screen and navigation scanning

Quickly get a head start on marking up your Figma design with Buzzy - automatically scan your Figma file for screens and navigation based on your Figma prototype settings.

Run the scan

The first time you run the Buzzy plugin on a Figma design, it will prompt you to scan for screens and actions. The scan will determine which frames in the Figma page are screens, their type, and also mark up any navigation settings. If you have more than one Figma prototype ‘Flow’ defined, Buzzy will ask you to select one.

Tweak and apply

When the scan runs, you can choose to ignore screens, or change their types (for instance, a basic screen or an overlay). Click ‘Apply’ and voila, the core skeleton of your app is already marked up with Buzzy.

Watch the video

Note we currently only run the scan the first time you run the plugin. Generally once people start marking up their Figma file for production with Buzzy, they’ll no longer update their Figma prototype settings to reflect any changes - meaning if we run the scan again, it’s likely to be outdated, or run into conflicts.